1575 – Desiderius Cornelis Rose, a young scholar, came aboard the brig “Ouwe Zon” for a small chart making mission on the Mediterranean Sea. It was nothing new for Rose as he sprung from a well-known Dutch family with a strong naval tradition. One night when he was on deck for a simple stroll he noticed a sloop approaching them rapidly. They didn’t have any lights nor colors. The first mate saw it too and panicked. Piracy was very common in the area and he knew for sure that it would be his last night amidst the living. The “Ouwe Zon” wasn’t armed apart from two swivel guns at the upper deck. Not enough for a confrontation like this. They had small arms, of course, but all the men were sound asleep. Their throats would be cut before they had any chance of knowing what happened. Rose knew this too. He had heard the stories his family told him when he was a child. Flee or fight it was. He didn’t hesitate and ordered the first mate to turn their bow towards the sloop at the very last moment and to not ring any bells until he instructed him to. A few moments later the sky filled with the smashing sound of shattering wood. The hull of the “Ouwe Zon”, sturdier than the one of the old sloop, appeared to be in the spot where the main deck of the pirate sloop used to be. Rose raised one of the swivel guns and aimed it at the person with the biggest hat, lit the fuse and by that shooting the head of the pirate captain right of his neck. Forcing the pirate crew into a shock that led to surrender.


1577 – Back in the Dutch Republic Desiderius Cornelis Rose was received a hero. Because of his years on the “Ouwe Zon” and his family tradition he joined the navy and immediately got promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He had the privilege to choose the ship he would like to get assigned to. A few months later the “Ouwe Zon” received new sails, got armed to the teeth and was ready for more adventures. It didn’t take long for Lieutenant Rose to rise in ranks and the day came that he took over the captain’s chair. By now he was an experienced and respected sailor in the navy. He renamed the ship “Orange Rose”.


1595 – Being a scholar and a captain with his own ship created possibilities for Rose. He decided to focus more on exploration and undertook a mission towards the unknown east and ten years later he was the first Dutchmen to sail around the world (without being killed in the process). Laying the foundations for trade and progress.


1640 – Desiderius Cornelis Rose was now Sir Desiderius Cornelis Rose. He was now an old and wise man with a whole life behind him instead of in front of him. He was proud of it and so were his wife and child. Now an Admiral, he received an honorable discharge. But he was a pioneer in the field of exploration and couldn’t let it go. He was too old to set sail so he set up a small private company to aid future missions to new worlds. Orange Rose Corp was born.


2127 – By now Orange Rose Corp had aided many clients with their ever growing knowledge. The relations with grand organizations like NASA, ESA, CNSA and CCCP (later RFSA) were outstanding and though ORO was still relatively small it contributed to man’s greatest steps into the future. In that year Orange Rose Corp was led by a young woman called Johanna Rose. She became famous for her great work in aiding the teams of surveyors that charted Mars to find the best spots for atmospheric processors. But the Great Mars Tragedy that followed five years after the terraforming was the organizations worst nightmare. Because of the organizations part on Mars,ORO was now connected to the 4.876 lost lives. Things were going downhill for Orange Rose Corp. Clients suddenly turned their backs to ORO with immense financial losses a result. Johanna Rose took a bold step to deviate from the 487 years old ORO tradition to only aid and do nothing more. She sought other ways to make profit and found this in trading and transportation. She had found a way to keep Orange Rose Corp alive and her choices turned out to be a new milestone for the organization. Because of her they now had the extra financial boost to make Orange Rose Corp a standalone organization. Being able to survive without the continuous stream of, sometimes less honorable, clients. Orange Rose Corp was from now on a multi tasked organization with connections in almost every branch. It became bigger than ever anticipated.


2380 – 253 years later the United Nations of Earth (UNE, later UPE and UEE) was formed and Orange Rose Corp, now under the direction of the great grandson of Johanna Rose, Hermanus Rose, saw its chance to make good use of this. Before the creation of the biggest alliance in human history of that time there were too many small organizations and nations who rather made sure that the other nations couldn’t reach out in the universe than to make sure they succeeded in this themselves. It was a mess and ORO saw no other solution than to keep the focus on transportation and trading. But now things were changed. Humanity had a common goal again and Orange Rose Corp immediately regained its focus on their traditional role of aiding clients in exploration. But this time it was only one client, the UNE. Relationships were built and ORO was back in exploration business as expansion of the human race through the galaxy was on top of the UNE list.


2438 – The year of the First Contact with the Banu race. Hermanus Rose was still at the rudder of ORO and didn’t hesitate to immediately prepare an ORO peace convoy to make contact with the representatives of this formidable new race. By doing this he had a good part in creating the Interstellar Peace & Trade Accord that we all know today. Making sure that Orange Rose Corp was as respected as when it was founded so many years ago. Because of the knowledge of trade that was acquired in over 300 years it was not very strange that strong connections and later friendships were created between the Banu and Orange Rose Corp.


2530 – Sometimes history seems to repeat itself, this was one of those times. Just like our founder, Desiderius Cornelis Rose, did with his first chart-making mission, Orange Rose Corp was fully focusing its means into aiding the UPE with exploration missions. And just like the Dutch navy found it necessary to make that old brig “Ouwe Zon” ready for combat, so thought the UPE with the ORO fleet in 2530. Those were horrifying years. Humanity thought they could never run out of luck with new trade lanes added every day, more expansion of the human race and the Banu as its allies. Until they made contact with the Xi’An and immediately got into conflict with them. Suddenly humanity woke up from their dream and the first day in history arrived where they, as a unified human race, needed to arm themselves against a completely unknown alien race. For the first time in history the humans had a common enemy. On advice of the UPE much of ORO’s new credits (they were only introduced two years before) were invested in arming their ships and hiring marines and sometimes mercenaries for protection against boarding. This soon proved to be too expensive to maintain and Orange Rose Corp decided to introduce their own military training which was based on that of the UPE. This also made it necessary to include ranks and transform ORO from a Private Company (PC) into a Private Military Company (PMC) making Hermanus Rose the first Fleet Marshal.


2541 – Humanity was now not only in conflict with the Xi’An but also with the Tevarin. Big organizations were asked to provide ships and manpower to serve as a reservist’s role for the UPE. For the past ten years Orange Rose Corp had invested millions of credits into arming their ships and training its crew. It was no surprise that the UPE called upon ORO to take their share of the war. And it did. By that time Orange Rose Corp was led by Fleet Admiral Benjamin Rose. A young man and the only Rose at that time. Hermanus Rose, his father, had died a few years before and only had one son. Despite of the difficult time Benjamin was in, he still had big plans for ORO. In 2542, when a part of the LCOD division fleet was supporting a SAR mission in the Oberon system they got ambushed by the Tevarin. Until this day nobody knows what they did there on that day. All of the ships were lost including the ship of Benjamin. A massacre, they say. Making an end to the famous Rose bloodline who had been giving their lives to this organization for over 900 years. The organization was wrecked by this news. People didn’t know what to do but knew they had to do something to avenge the Rose family. Benjamin was initially to be wed with a woman called Anna Omnium. The daughter of one of the high ranking officers in Orange Rose Corp. The Omnium family servedORO for over eight generations and became very attached with the Rose family. In the chaos of Benjamin’s death, Anna rose up and took charge. With tears in her eyes she promised everyone the retribution that they were looking for.


2544 – In this year the time was there for Anna to fulfill her promise. They had been preparing for this moment for the last three years, arming the ORO fleet even more and spending most of their credits in offensive capabilities instead of the normal defensive roles that the ships used to have. It was in the Idris system where the complete Orange Rose Fleet joined the UPE in what would be the last battle to put an end to the First Tevarin War. That day ORO witnessed and fought in one of the biggest and most brutal battles in that war. The humans and the Tevarin had incredible high losses on either side. In this battle almost 80% of the ORO fleet was destroyed or declared a total loss afterwards with almost 50% of the ORO crew killed or MIA. But in the end it was worth it. Not only for Anna, Benjamin and Orange Rose Corp, but also for humanity. At least, they thought it was.


2603 – After almost sixty years of peace the Second Taverin War began. Nobody expected this and neither did Orange Rose Corp. After their losses in the Idris system it had been struggling to regain its former strength. The few credits that were left were invested in patching up the ships that survived the battle and paying of all of the huge loans needed for weapons and training. Credits to buy or build new ships were nowhere to be found. The offensive weaponry had to be sold and the ships held only a minimum of defensive countermeasures. Anna Omnium and the UPE knew that it was best to keep the ORO fleet out of combat. Alas the Taverin didn’t share this idea. They knew the role that Orange Rose Corp had in that infamous battle and they had revenge on their minds. In those seven years of war the Taverin were suddenly everywhere and the remaining ORO fleet took substantial losses. In the end there was almost nothing left than a handful of Avengers and Aurora’s and only their knowledge to trade with.


2750 – Finally things were looking good again for the organization. After the Second Taverin War when things eased down a bit, the Banu offered ORO as a sign of their good relationship a few brand new Merchantmans to aid its fleet. That resulted in booming business as the trading game could be picked up again. Instead of the small cargo holds of the Avengers (12 SCU's) and Aurora’s (13 SCU's), Orange Rose Corp could now ship thousands of freight units all at once. In this year the oldest son of Anna Omnium, Jack, was promoted to Fleet Admiral. Because Anna knew that now that the highly aggressive Vanduul were in the picture, the peaceful days where she grew up in were officially over. For this reason she sent Jack Omnium at the age of sixteen to the UEE navy so he could learn how to act during Vanduul encounters. Her decision proved worthy as this not only created better connections with the UEE, it also made sure that Orange Rose Corp implemented better strategies in combat and SAR situations.


2931 – Present day Orange Rose Corp is led by Fleet Marshal Swift Omnium, the grandson of Jack Omnium. The almost 1.300 years of experience in exploration, trade, transportation and combat have given him much to study and apply. He knows the importance of what the Rose family had achieved and wants to honor this by focusing on their once main goal; exploration. He also sees the importance of trade and transportation to back up the ORO missions and to make sure that the organization will exist for a thousand years to come.

Orange Rose Corp’s headquarters (ORO HQ), and thus it’s main org hangar, is located in the Bremen system near the planet “Rytif”. The main reason for this is the good relationship between ORO and the Banu as the Bremen system is located near the Banu governments and its protectorate in the system Trise. Secondly Bremen has seen a recent economical refocusing on tech and industrial sectors and is by that a potential booming economical hotspot, and lastly it’s a region where every division can do its part. An ideal combination.


As a well-respected company and often in parts of space way out of reach of the UEE, Orange Rose Corp has been given the liberties to negotiate treaties, coin credits, imprison convicts, establish new posts and defend itself and others by all means necessary.


The goal of Orange Rose Corp is to keep on exploring, bringing new light to our civilization and others. Trade and transport are secondary goals, creating means to undertake new missions.

Orange Rose Corp also gives the possibility to rent and rent out ships to it’s members.



The organisation consists out of three divisions:


- Expeditionary Division / [EXDI]
EXDI stands for exploration and is also the oldest division. This division has the prime role of exploring and charting new areas. Laying the first brick for commerce, trade and friendship in remote places. Just like it did 1.300 years ago.


- Logistics and Commerce Division / [LCOD]
Orange Rose Corp drives on LCOD. Without this division it would never be able to support the other divisions. The commerce part of this division aims for good trade in known regions and fresh chartered regions by EXDI. It is the backbone of the organisation and relies on its good ties with the Banu. But no operation can survive without good logistic support. This is where the ‘L’ in LCOD comes in. LCOD is also responsible for the distribution, maintenance, and replacement of materiel and/or personnel. It supports their own divisions activities as well as EXDI and SID.


- Security and Intelligence Division / [SID]
The ‘verse is everything but a safe place. An organisation like Orange Rose Corp therefore needs a good security defence force to aid the other two divisions. The seasoned security officers of our Security and Intelligence Division are cut out for the job. Escorting the ORO fleet, scouting ahead or fighting off pirates, Xi’an and Vanduul, it does not matter. SID will get it done.


Orange Rose Corp is a private company, yet it obides to a militaristic model. It has been proven that the hierarchical model is best suited for long-term exploration. All members are considered to uphold this structure.


Orange Rose Corp also stands for aiding fellow citizens and defending them with all means necessary.

ORO welcomes all Dutch and Belgian citizens. Although being a full member has its perks, it does not require an exclusive membership. When joining as a full member, you will automatically be promoted to the rank of Ensign. When joining as an affiliate your rank will be Cadet and can never be higher than the rank of Lieutenant.


Orange Rose Corp understands that in an often hostile universe friends, allies and treaties are good things to have.ORO welcomes every organisation, species or nation that feels the same way:


Union Treaties (Tier V):

Military Treaties (Tier IV):

Defensive Treaties (Tier III):

- United Empire of Earth / UEE


Trade Treaties (Tier II):

- Banu Protectorate

Non Agression Treaties (Tier I):

- Dutch Republic / DRNL
- Dutch Game Society / DUTCH
- Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy / LION

- Rogue Star / ROGUESTAR

- Banu Protectorate

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